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Screenshot of Sideline Edge AI software
Play Breakdown crunches the data and highlights the things you need to see giving you actionable insights that help you win more games.
Screenshot of Sideline Edge AI software
Filter and review different game situations and tendencies including offensive, defensive and team-efficiency breakdowns.
Screenshot of Sideline Edge AI software
Use our industry-leading Play Predictor AI technology, massive database of play data and machine-learning algorithms help you predict the next play.
Works on any device.Sideline Edge AI software works on any device

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Sideline Edge seeks collegiate football teams to provide data analysis.
SidelineEdge officially launches it's new website!!
SidelineEdge software platform officially launches.

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Get the Edge on Your Opponents

At Sideline Edge we have one very simple motivation: win more games. It is the driving force behind everything we do – every new tool, every line of code, every piece of data, all are designed to help you win more games. Our data analysis engine breaks down your opponent's strengths, weaknesses and tendencies from the processed game data, along with advanced statistics to help truly capture a full picture of the team out on the turf next Friday.

Our Play Predictor, built with machine learning and AI, offers a glimpse into the next play, drawn from our massive database of historical plays, before it even plays out on the field. Our scouting dashboard offers a single interactive platform that puts all of the actionable insights you need right at your fingertips, both before kickoff and in-game.

We recognize that coaches and players only have a limited amount of time to prepare and practice for an opponent, and Sideline Edge streamlines this process by putting all of the keys to victory right at your fingertips. Our mission is to analyze the mountains of data that are now available in order to deliver to coaches timely, unique, and game-changing insights all in pursuit of our only goal: win more games.

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