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Play Breakdown

Use technology to get insightful analytics on your opponents.

With the help of video and other technologies, football coaches today are blessed with a bounty of information. Highly specific information exists from every play from every game and is too much to keep track of the old-fashioned way. Sideline Edge's Play Breakdown crunches the data for you: we highlight the things you need to see, to give you actionable insights that will, quite simply, help you Win More Games.

Play Predictor

Use cutting-edge AI to predict the next play before it happens.

We have utilized our unmatched play-level data and combined it with cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to answer one question: What if you could predict the next play before it even happens? Sideline Edge's proprietary Play Predictor does just that, running machine learning processes over our massive database, allowing a computer model to learn what plays are likely to be run in every possible situation. With just a few basic data points, the Play Predictor offers coaches a glimpse into the future: Will the next play be a run or a pass? What route concepts or run designs are we likely to see on the field after the snap?

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